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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Weekly Updates: 16th Nov - 29th Nov - Should it be Biweekly :-P

Well looks like its late again. About time we should call it a Biweekly update. Sorry about that first stuck with drivers for SX1231 and then lots of soldering on the way.

RFM69HW board, part of RFudaan project - WORKING!!
Also blogger for a change got updated recently. That's interesting, apart from blogger all other things Google have been modernized and made a lot AI.
My project to create a Golang based site generator, still needs to come out of being a paper drawing to a functional Go program. Till then I have to stay with blogger.

I had to do a lot of soldering to come up with the prototypes. Though the boards arrived 2 weeks back I think on 17th or so, it took me quite a while to chop them into pieces.
Thanks to Dangerousprototypes & Dirty PCB team for the great PCBs. Although this time around there were a bit of drill offsets all over. But my thumb rule of 20mil+ annular ring saves the day.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Weekly Updates: 7th Nov - 15th Nov

Its late mid week, but had to. Got busy with illness, work and failure. But for the effort invested it was worth the time.
This is a picture of the RFM69HW + Arduino Pro-Mini protype.

Well last week and first part of this week is what I am going to cover here.

Let look at the current running projects:

1. RFM69HW Light Sensor

As you have see above I have tried to make some protos after my successful experiment last week.
Here is the Proto that I had built with Old version of Seeeduino (v2.21) :
The picture is quite dark, sorry for that. Its basically a RFM69HW module soldered on to a general purpose board and then inserted into the Top Right connector of Arduino. And the red wire in front is the antenna. Apparently it broke off twice so I had to finally add some heat glue to fix it.
The best part is using a RTL SDR I could capture the transmission.
868MHz Transmission from RFM69HW - LDR sensor Values

Well of course you would remember one more proto using Arduino Micro:
So now with 3 Nodes transmitting the dance of the frequency spectra is awesome to watch.

Here are some Detailed pictures of the RFM69HW board with Arduino ProMini :

This time I had added an XC6202-3.3V regulator that is used to power the RFM69HW.
Hope that the PCB boards from DirtyPCB comes soon both LoRa and RFM.

2. RF-Udaan project

This is the LoRa board that includes the DRF1276G module. Again waiting to get both the modules as well as the PCB board.

3. Static Site Generator

After getting no where with HUGO, Pelican and Jekyll, I got an idea to write my own. Well that might be a bad idea but a good learning exercise. So some basic work is done on that too. Secretly working with golang since its the fastest and easiest for connectivity. The awesome part its a EXE which is very useful for people like me. I come from hardcore C and Assembly background. So any language that gives net connectivity within 5 lines and give Binary output is great. No framework or Virtual machine needed. Well hope that this would be another good exercise to learn the next generation language.

4. SIM900 Relay

A friend of mine asked me to design a GSM control relay. So I have started working on that too.
Currently using a Arduino UNO and a iComSat SIM900 Shield from iteadstudio.

SMS read was easy to do, now planning to make the interpreter part also.
All code would be posted soon, so watch out.

That would be all for this update, hope to see you next time.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Weekly Updates: 31st Oct - 6th Nov

This week lots of testing and RF sniffing. And problems with Windows.
Well my main Laptop gave up, it was Windows 7 Professional 64bit. Though its a beast of a laptop but updates caused a problem. Lenovo asked for an update to BIOS. It was already 00:30 IST and I agreed on installing that. That was all . Next day morning the same laptop stopped booting. After 3 formatting attempts , 2 hardware diagnostics attempts and banging the head 10 times on the wall. I found it was bug in the update of that night. Finally I had got the laptop to boot by disabling some thing called "Execution Prevention and Memory Protection". But by that time the Windows already had gone corrupt on the HDD. So I had to reinstall the complete Windows 7. And to add to the misery Windows Updates on Windows 7 Professional taking eternity to even search. Still waiting on that one.

Fortunately all the current weeks projects are on my PC which is alright. So we are safe to Proceed.
868MHz Transmission from RFM69HW - LDR sensor Values
Well this is an SDR-Sharp Plot of the RF transmission from my RFM69HW based prototype board. The Arduino + RFM69HW Sensor is sending out LDR sensor Raw values to another gateway board connected to the PC. Initially I used the RFM69 driver from Lowpower labs . Later I wrote my own to outdo the adventure.Interestingly the found that 18cm of Wire is an Ideal Antenna for RFM69HW boards. That part was success now working on Signal Reception to formulate a presentation layer protocol above the Raw communications.

Next project RF-udaan is still on track. The boards were already shipped from DirtyPCB. Hope to receive them by this month end (fingers crossed).

Not much progress on the Website porting side. As kept busy with the driver writing work.

Hope to catch up on more this week.