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Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekly Updates: 17Oct - 23Oct

This week was pretty hectic with lots of things going on. However there were two main projects that a currently progressing:
  1. LoRa + RFM Board
  2. RFM69 Light Sensor
LoRa RFM Board
RFM69 Light Sensor

 Well about the LoRa RFM board ( bad name sorry ! )  this one is a long time though Idea. I wanted to have an Arduino enabled LoRa board. Then I had need to work with RFM modules from HopeRF. So I combined all the requirements together + added our favorite ESP8266 into it. Then came the ESP-Udaan project. So now on this board would be called ESP-Udaan not the weird long name. The board is designed such that one can program an Arduino Pro Mini or the ESP8266 as needed. Plus the would be flexibility to expand using the edge connectors. I have also provided one small I2C connector at the bottom of the board to connect the DS3231 Raspberry Pi modules for RTC. That would make this into a good IoT node. Watch out next week for some more updates.

Next, the RFM69HW Light sensor. This is an attempt to build an out door light sensor using RFM69HW and an Arduino Nano clone. I am using a 868MHz module since that's whats legal in Bharat(India). This would gradually make the framework for the ESP-Udaan board. Since that too has the same profile. Added to the bread board crooked wiring is a TLV-2217-3.3V Texas Instruments LDO. As I wanted to have good power available so connected the RAW output of the Arduino Nano (means the USB input power) to this regulator generating 3.3V. The Tranceiver powered up comfortably and got response back. The software is still work in progress.

That would be all for this week checkout the build progress next week and more.