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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Beta version of MSP430GCC: Supported Offically in TI CSSv6

Recently we discovered the long awaited MSP430GCC which was released in support with RedHat and TI . It was disclosed in the sourceforge MSP430GCC website notice on 26th October, 2012 . Well we were hoping since a long time that this release to be out. It seams that last year in December'2013 the first version was released.
The MSP430GCC is officially supported in the beta version of the CSSv6. This can be installed using the new TI AppCenter feature.
This feature of CCSv6 helps to install the required software features such as GCC and MSP430Ware directly from the CCS IDE. TI has also included support for Energia in this latest beta release. The sketches of Energia can be directly composed in CCS IDE along with the native CCS projects. We have not tested this feature and would be posting more on the review of all the features of the CCSv6.
The only problem we found was that the CCSv6 now requires a online installation which consumes roughly 460MB of internet bandwidth for download not including the MSP430Ware and MSP430GCC. They are downloaded separately after the installation of the CCS itself through the AppCenter.

MSP430GCC can also be individually installed for Windows and Linux , for normal operation using makefiles like the older times. However there is a need to download additional device header files and install them into correct path so that during the make these files get included correctly. However inside the CCS environment this is take care directly. The links for the download location are mentioned below. We would be covering this new MSP430GCC compiler in our next review.

We would like to thank TI and RedHat for bringing the MSP430GCC release.

Here are the relevant links

MSP430GCC Download for Windows and Linux :
Note: Under Linux the installation file downloaded needs to be first made executable using the 'chmod +x FileName.run' command. And later the installation needs to be run in super user mode using the 'sudo ./FileName.run' command. Here the FileName would change as per the installation file downloaded.

MSP430GCC Device Specific Header files Download:

CCSv6 Download for Windows and Linux :