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Thursday, May 23, 2013

TI Spin : Moving from Stellaris to Tivia C in Launch Pads

We have been working with the well known Stellaris Launch Pad, now known as the Tiva C Launch Pad. This was a quite transition however we found some subtle differences with the microcontrollers.

Stellaris Launch pad:

  • Used the LM4F120H5QR Microcontroller which is now renamed as TM4C1233H6PM
  • Original name for this Launch Pad: EK-LM4F120XL
  • Still available at TI e-Store link.
  • Important thing to note is the chips in initial version of the Stellaris Launch Pads were Engineering Sample versions so the chip name became LX4F120H5QR - Not very reliable !!
  • TI has released an official migration guide for Stellaris to Tiva C -This guide also contains the part number mapping for the new Tiva C Series
  • Also the support software for the Stellaris ware has been now changed to Tiva Ware - Important changes include the naming convention and C99 standard types

Summary of Links:

Hope that this list would be helpful. Let us know your comments on this.