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Friday, October 26, 2012

Energy Micro Design Contest

Energy Micro Design contest is on, hurry because last date of submission is October,31st 2012. Although entries would be allowed in the second phase but you would surely not like to miss a free EFM32GG-STK3700, if your entry is selected.
 This is the Phase 1 of the contest and in this phase only design ideas need to be entered. Based on the merit of the idea toward "Low Power design using EFM32" the entry would be judged. Then 40 contestants would be chosen to compete in the next round.

Best of Luck to all Aspirants.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

First Steps with STM32 Board

We were trying to get our new STM32 board working and in the pursuit of that we cane to know some interesting insights that are worth sharing.
This particular board contains the STM32F103VE series chip from ST Microelectronics. This chip is a Cortex-M3 with 72MHz clocking and quite impressive peripheral line up. We did not select this board, rather it was borrowed from one of our close friends. We wanted to evaluate the low power and speed features of this nice Cortex-M3 device.