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Friday, August 3, 2012

DSP for Hobbyists: C2000 Launchpad

Just when we thought that DSP means "costly " stuff and out of hobbyist turf, what TI did was break ice on that. Texas Instruments C2000 Launchpad is a break though for hobbyist seeking to implement DSP processing. Now with this Piccolo chip-set family all real time control and closed loop PID would become breeze.
This kit contains a Galvanically isolated JTAG XDS100 which can be used to debug the on board TMS320F28027 of Piccolo Family.

The chip TMS320F28027 is a 60MHz DSP from the grand TMS320 family. The programs written for this chip are upgradable to any member of this TMS320. This means that if you need better ram or MAC units .etc. you have an upgrade path. Also in the F2802x family this chip has the highest features, possibly cost optimization the lower parts can also be used. TI is also providing samples of F28027 which means you can make custom boards for your projects.
We too plan to have some more reviews on this kit once ours arrives.

Here some useful links related to this innovative kit:
UPDATE: (14-Sept-2013)
This board is now available in Bharat(India) at Embedded Market website for INR2415/-