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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Portable Virtual Box: Freedom from Win7 Hassels

As we all know there are several embedded tools and applications that don't work well with Windows 7. We wanted to know if there was a possibility to make some Virtual Machine go to USB pendrive and then we don't need to install any thing on PC.
Initially the thought was that Virtual Machines are big things and they need hard integration with the Host OS to run.
We were proved wrong, Virtual Box can be made Portable.
Portable-Virtual-Box is a project that has made it possible to have portable version of the standard Virtual Box as well as the virtual machines them selves in the USB drives.
  • Supports both 32bit and 64bit Virtual Machines
  • Dynamically loads the needed drivers for the VM to run
  • Full Network Support
  • Supports Standard Serial Port
Presently the version available is Portable-VirtualBox_v4.1.14-Starter_v6.4.9-Win_all.exe.
Although this is slightly older than the present Virtual Box but thats not of hindrance since you have same updates enabled in the portable install. So after installing this you can upgrade your virtual box to the latest version.
The only impediment is installation of the Extensions Pack for USB features in Virtual Box. If you don't install this pack then USB EHCI 2.0 features are not enabled. So you wont be able to access the Pendrives or USB serial or debuggers from your VM.
We are looking out to have a solution for this.

Visit this website for more details: http://www.vbox.me/

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