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Thursday, May 17, 2012

PCB quality from Seeedstudio Fusion service

We have recently received the PCBs of our up coming project ADK Picoboard. Initially from few of the blogs that we follow, we got to know about the discrepancies in the PCB quality and 100% E-Test failures from Eastern PCB vendors. We were a bit worried. But from our past experience with Seeedstudio Fusion service we had never faced any issues on the boards.
So this time we decided to perform an inspection of the PCBs ourselves. Here are some snaps of the PCB.
TQFP package with probe marks
Regulators and Caps with probe marks

We can clearly see the Flying-probe marks even on the TQFP package as well as on the regulator side.
This clearly proves that Seeedstudio Fusion PCB service does perform 50% E-test as promised.

We are thankful to Seeed for keeping up their quality promise and commitment to helping Open Source Hardware.