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Friday, March 16, 2012

Module(PCB Footprint) Generator for Kicad PCBnew

We have developed a GUI based module generator for Kicad PCBnew tool in Python using Tkinter.
UPDATE: New Features(24-03-2012)!!

This tool support generation of Berg Stick connector called the Single Inline Package(SIP). The units supported are Mil. We plan to include the support for MM units. This tool also supports the famous "Sparkfun Locking" Trick for the connectors. The files generated have an .emp extension so that they can be imported into the Module Editor easily.

The code is available in GitHub:

We are still in process of completing the tutorial for this tool although its more or less self explanatory.
There are several features that need to be included and here is a to do list:
- Add mm units support
- Add picture for each footprint type
- Add support for Dual Row Connector and DIP packages
- Add support for QFP packages

Let us know your suggestions.

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