Wednesday, February 15, 2012

As we stated earlier that we have taken up the task of moving to Kicad, this is our first step. We have successfully created a tool called libgen for creating Eeschema Libary components.

This tool is based on Python and can generate one Component from a XML file.This tool in multiple ways emulates the Quick KICAD Library Component Builder online tool for generating the symbols.
However since its standalone it becomes easier to edit and customize. Another important feature is the XML based component generation. This makes it easy to customize the pins in text rather than selecting again and again. All the Pins can be Named using the XML file and there EType as per the Kicad norms can also be set.

The detailed explanation of the XML file can be found on Git hub:

There are few Example XMLs that can help to understand the Syntax and the supported packages.

We have also made a detailed tutorial on how to generate the .lib files.

  • Presently only 4 Types of Symbols SIP. DIP/PDIP, CONN and QUAD are supported like the online tool.
  • And only single library component can be created per XML file. However there are plans to expand this.
  • Also the Description for the component and Keyword that help in searching for the component are not being generated in this release. However there are plans to include this feature too.
The whole project is hosted on Github under Kicad-tools which is the primary project.

We are also planning for a Module generator for PCB with LandPattern Calculator compatibility so that we can quickly create the PCBnew module for Footprints needed.
Let us know your feedback and feature enhancements that you would like to have.

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  1. Excellent post. I want to thank you for this informative read. Keep up your great work


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