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Sunday, September 4, 2011

New PCB's from Seeedstudio's Fusion Service

We were trying out new sources to get some PCB's from. SeeedStudio provides an innovative and cost effective PCB making service called the Fusion Service. We have now evaluated this service for our MSP430 boards. The quality of PCB was really good for the price.

There are several size options also available(5cm x 5cm & 10cm x 10cm are our most used.
For Bharteya(Indian) Comparison here are the General prices that we have seen:
a. 5cm x 5cm PCB Double Sided
        Local Vendors: INR1050    (3-5 Quantity & Only One Side Silkscreen)
       SeeedStudio:     INR667.2   (Including Shipping , 10QuantityBoth Sides Silkscreen)
b. 10cm x 10cm PCB Double Sided
        Local Vendors: INR1520     (3 Qunatity & Only One Side Silkscreen)
        SeeedStudio:    INR1334.4  (10 Quantity, Including Shipping & Both Side Silkscreen)

In all we are very Happy with the Service & PCB from SeeedStudio and we thank them for this wonderful quality service

We are going for another round of PCBs and hoping that we get them soon.


  1. Wow, Fantastic article, it’s so helpful to me, and your blog is very good,

  2. What is the procedure for importing the boards from Seeed ? Are there any customs hassles ?

  3. We have been regularly receiving the boards from seeed. They do a modification on the label and declare the value of the items. That's how its easy to get postal customs clearance. You can also ask them for any modifications that you might need.

  4. how much time do they take? from the point of order submission to the boards reaching your place??

  5. Hello,

    This is mostly postal delay.
    It some times takes 3weeks to 4weeks.
    But for cost its alright.
    Any ways the delay is not from the Seeed side as they make the PCB in 3Days to 1Week but the local postal delays are the problem.

    Warm Regards,

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