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Thursday, May 5, 2011

MSP430 with FRAM: Break Through in Microcontroller World

We received an Astounding news that TI has been successful able to combine FRAM Technology into one of the world Lowest power microcontroller MSP430. We knew about the verifiability of FRAM earlier but combining it with the Microcontrollers adds a whole new dimension to it.
Source: TI Website
Some of the unique Capabilities are:

  • Lowest Power Writes
  • Virtually infinite Wrtie Cycles
  • Adjustable barrier between Flash and the RAM as both can be the same
  • Complete Data retention at much lower power
  • High speeds of Read & Write - the example in the Video was really neat
  • Radiation Hardened & Extra long Data Retention - Terminator Style !!

The initial category of the Devices: MSP430FRXX
Contains ADC, UART, I2C with the normal set of Timers & Clock structure
Presently Samples of MSP430FR5739 are available. However these would be first engineering samples.

There is also a promotional MSP-EXP430FR5739 Experimenter Board which is available at $29 from TI e-Shop with free Shipping.
Source: TI Website
This board contains a 3Axis Accelerometer, NTC Thermistor, 8 LEDs and two push buttons. With on board debugging link like that of Launch Pad this is value for money.
We would wait and watch out for all innovations around this platform, till then for more info Visit:

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