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Friday, February 11, 2011

mbed a world of things: Intersting Links

Here are a few interesting links from mbed that might be helpful in case there are any of your ideas on the same lines:
  1. SD Card Cookbook Page Showing the File System Driver for SD Cards on mbed
  2. SD File System Driver for the SD Cards Interfacing on mbed (LIB)
  3. SD Card Tests - Test showing how many SD cards can work with mbed
  4. ADC Driver by Simon Blandford which gives direct low level access for ADC and is a better implementation than the AnalogIn.
  5. Reference Design for new Hardware based on mbed's microcontroller LPC1738
  6. Prototype-to-hardware a guide to help in programming the external LPC1738 microcontroller boards
  7. Eagle Libs for mbed. (EAGLE)
  8. SDHCFileSystem to Support upto 32GB (CODE)
  9. EthernetNetIf - Ethernet Interfacing Library (LIB)
  10. HTTPClient - HTTP Client Library also used in twitter example (LIB)
  11. BlueUSB - Bluetooth support for MBED with $2 Bluetooth dongles. Includes a USB host and built in support for bluetooth HID devices such as mice, keyboards and wii controllers. (CODE)
  12. MSCUsbHost - Implementation of USB Host for mbed 1768 which can access USB flash drives. See Igor Skochinsky notebook page for details.(CODE)
  13. NetTool - A low-level network debugging utility that utilizes raw packet i/o to construct and deconstruct tcp, udp, ipv4, arp, and icmp packets over ethernet.(CODE)
  14. EthernetTester - Basic Ethernet Testing program and documentation by Michael Wei (CODE)
  15. ethspam - A program shows how to send an Ethernet packet. It simply sends ARP Who is messages for every IP. (CODE)
  16. ethsnif - A simple Ethernet sniffer - demonstration how to use the Ethernet interface by transmitting all the packets received over the USB serial port to PC. (CODE)

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