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GoodFET is am open source project to create the replica of the MSP430 USB FET tool from TI. Using an MSP430F2274 and FT232. The primary goal was an improved version of the FET with additional Features.
Now this tool is capable of Programming & Debugging MSP430, PIC,AVR, Chipcon 8051 & SPI Flash. Truly a multipurpose gadget.
I got two of the MSP430F2231 micro samples from TI. Also was able to get an order placed for MSP-EXP430G2 (Launch Pad Development Kit). Cant wait to have one of them on my table !!
Well for now I am planning to use the kits to build my micro sensory network that I was planning for long. And Also a trusty Digitally controlled Power supply for my projects.
This is a Arduino based design for a small 8-bit PC. Consists of 3 different ATmega328 for generating Video, USB and Also for Computing. The Humane PC is a step towards low cost computing. The project is completely open source and has completed the working prototype.

Getting slow on the updates.
Well best is that VIKAS was selected for the LPC1100 Design Challenge in the Top 10 contestants for Phase III of the contest.

However need to withdraw due to troublesome emails and calls from the website. They need to be better papered for the pests - script kiddies and other kind of rouge people.
I would still continue with the project on Google Code. Thats a much safer place.
Enjoy the Video of my Project:
Fritzing is an open source design tool for Bread Boards, Arduino's and lots of other hobbyist kits.
Its not only easy to learn but quite intuitive. It has both features of the Schematics Capture, Bread Board or Vero Board Design and PCB.

That makes it a complete tool for aspiring hobbyists like me too. Although I know  to use Mentor Graphics Expedition(r) but that all for office for cheap and best you have FRITZING.
You can download the Latest updates at: .
Have a look at their Video:

You can also find the Tutorial Available: this is truly through and simple.
Many people have already developed their projects and have displayed on the site:
I have not finished any thing yet so I have not uploaded any. But the number of projects is growing at a rapid rate. There is an active Discussion forum supporting the development of this software and also help the people using it.
Hope that this project grows and some day many people even with the least know how on electronics and try out making innovative gadgets using this software.

Keep up the good work !!
I received an mbed kit from one of my friends. How luck I was, to discover this innovative new platform. It basically consists of LPC1768 NXP Semiconductor's ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller. The board is equipt will all sots of comm interfaces I2C , SPI , UART , USB and even Ethernet. Have a look at the block diagram of the kit.

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