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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Single Electron Reader : Next setep to Quantum Computing

Recently Australian scientists have made a major breakthrough in the study of quantum mechanics.They were able to read the spin of a single electron on a silicon wafer. From the University of New South Wales:
A team led by UNSW engineers and physicists has achieved a breakthrough that brings a super-fast quantum computer a step closer to reality by developing a “single electron reader” – a key building block in creating a silicon-based quantum machine.
Quantum computers promise exponential increases in processing speed over today’s computers through their use of the “spin”, or magnetic orientation, of individual electrons to represent data in their calculations.
In order to employ electron spin, the quantum computer needs both a way of changing the spin state (the “write” function) and of measuring that change (the “read” function) to form a qubit – the equivalent of the bits in a conventional computer.
Well we are closer to a full electronics logic and data manipulation using Quantum Phenomenon.

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