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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kosh Module: Update

Today I was able to make some more progress. The SD card interface is now operational. Firmware is capable of Write to the 1GB Micro SD card. Also the UART interface is working at 57600 BAUD with the Internal CPU clock of 16MHz. The UART conversion if done using a FT232 Module. Here is a picture of my Setup:

The SD Card insert that was built using the Micro SD Adapter works fine even without the pull up. However in the final schematics would like to use them for reliability sake. Uploaded new Software in Source Forge.

- Check for RTC with Calender operation to be used in the File System - For Future
- Check optimality of using External RTC - For Future
- Test SD card interface at 3.3V and using level shifter, update schematics based on the choice. - Need to check if the CAN Transceiver also works on 3.3V
- Check for Time based File write - Time is at present with auto Write and would be checked as above in Future
- Implement UART based UI for updating parameters - Need to see the Cycle requirement for the Logging
- Add CAN related Header and framework from VSCP.
- Check for Battery Backup for the system since the SD Card write might be effected by Power Failures

Let me know your suggestion to make this project Better.
Warm Regards,

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