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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kosh Module: Long Due Update for VSCP and Friends

I had taken up a small project from the VSCP Pool. For thoes who dont know about this wonder full project VSCP stands for Very Simple Control Protocol. I started a becoming a member of the developer group in March,2009 . However I was not able to contribute much at that time.
Kosh hardware is basically a data logger for the CAN network. It would interface to an SD card and keep logging the data flow on the CAN. Also a future proposal was to enhance it so that we can have individual nodes storing data on to the Kosh Module and then fetch it back.
Today I made a little progress by freezing on the Final schematics:
I would try to post the first version code on the Source Forge.
- Check for RTC with Calender operation to be used in the File System
- Check optimality of using External RTC
- Test SD card interface at 3.3V and using level shifter, update schematics based on the choice.
- Check for Time based File write
- Implement UART based UI for updating parameters
- Add CAN related Header and framework from VSCP.

Let me know your views and comments to improve this design.

Warm Regards,

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