Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I was on my quest for know how and got help from one of my Professor's in this field. One of the most promising and fast growing branch of science is Nanotechnology. The unit Nano means 10^-9 . So that's how small things can get.
Here are some links that might help to get acquainted with this field:


Indian Work in Nano:
http://www.nanodigestmag.com- Nano Magazine

{this is in russian language}

I would keep on posting updates in this same post.
Onward for my interesting journey to Nano Worlds.

Schrodinger's Wave Equation:
This is one of the Basic equations used to characterize the properties of the Wave Particle Duality Theory.
Some Good links are given below:
  1. Solution for the Wave Equation and Particle in a Well :
  2. Good Explanation of Particle in a Box:
  3. Nice Pictures showing Wave particle duality and Electron Cloud:
  4. Very Good simulation in Java for Tunneling phenomenon , Particle in a Well and PSI(x,t) function:
Cyclotron Video:

Many More interesting stuff to come ....

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