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Monday, November 2, 2009

India Innovation Initiative - I3 2009

L.A.T.H.I was nominated among the TOP41 projects for this I3 Innovation Fair 2009.
 Promoting and inculcate a spirit of innovation in India, many steps have been taken by both the government of India as well as by Industry leaders to encourage application of breakthrough technology ideas in the society.
Addressing the need to expand the young innovators initiative to those above 18 years & include a wider scope of participation from all potential innovators, CII & DST have now joined hands with Agilent to launch the nation-wide innovation competition for all innovators above the age group of 18+, "India Innovation Initiative - i3". i3 aims to capture the innovative ideas from the Indian innovators in the age group of 18 years and above, including students, innovators from R&D Institutes & Labs, Industry professionals and individual innovators / Entrepreneurs, grassroots innovators etc.
Great benefits can arise from such an initiative through the promotion and commercialization of innovations. IIM-A will also be partnering this joint initiative by providing funding and Incubation support for making business proposals and for commercialization of some of the best innovations. The promoters will take forward the most potential innovations by providing the commercialization support through CII-Raunaq Singh Innovation Grid. The Innovation Grid is a web-based networking portal for all the stakeholders of the innovation to market process thus facilitating entrepreneurship development.

L.A.T.H.I was nominated among the TOP41 projects for this I3 Innovation Fair 2009.

After the Nomination I was called to present my model in the I3 Innovation Fair 2009 held at IIT Delhi on 27-October-2009. It was a very enriching experience that filled me with humility, ideas and lots of questions.
I was able to demonstrate the operation and possibilities of he L.A.T.H.I Project to many people. The visitors to my stall included kids, college students, the aged people (my main customer and inspiration), Doctors (very interested in alternate applicaions of L.A.T.H.I) and Industry stalwarts(who offered me support for Commercialization of this innovation).
I got a lot of feedback from the elderly people visiting my stall, they were very happy and blessed me for my innovation. They gave me feedback that the Touch screen was not a good idea for the old since the hands are not very steady. However we found out the pressing the Push Buttons seams to be good enough for them. I will be amending this to my general project description.
The doctors were also quite interested in my innovation, they found my Gait detection algorithm to be one of what they need. One of the doctors who visited my stall was a Orthopedic surgeon so he was interested in this project from the Accelerometer point of view. He told that establishing a Gait Laboratory in India cost a whooping Rs.100crore. But with the help of the Accelerometer technique that I am using they can mount multiple sensors on the patient body and get complete information on the Gait logged just by making them walk on a small Tread mill type of track. I explained them from the electronics point how this can be done and enhanced by using special Force Sensors to piggy back on the body movement giving them insight into the real problems. In all they found my innovation really a promising one. They assured me their support for testing my Gait detection algorithm on actual patients who are undergoing treatment. Since this would ultimately help the Orthopedics to diagnose them better.

I did not win any prize as such but was able to secure Incubation for the L.A.T.H.I Project by IIM, Ahmedabad, which in itself is a very big appreciation to my innovation.

I thank all the Online Jewry Members, the Selection Pannel of I3 Innovation Fair 2009 held at IIT Delhi 27-October-2009 and all people who visited my stall at the fair giving there Precious time and feedback.

With this support I plan to take LATHI to the next level and make it a reality for all the elderly people of my country lead a safe and worry free life.

Jai Hind

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