Sunday, October 4, 2009

Today I came across a company known as NGX Technologies. For the fist time in Bharath this company has developed an completely open source ARM based development board. The board is called the "blueboard-lpc214x".
This board contains lots of useful features and is good for learning ARM7 based architectures. This board features an ARM7TDMI processor from NXP Semiconductors LPC2148 which is a USB based microcontroller with 512Kb FLASH and 32Kb of SRAM.

The board also contains RS232 Transceiver along with Boot Loading capability for NXP ARM controllers. The board has standard 20pin connector for the ARM JTAG. Also NGX Technologies has also prepared the JTAGs required for this board both in USB and Parallel Port Versions. The Blueboard has on board power supply with Reverse voltage protection so that you can plug in just any other DC-Jack adapter with a max capacity of 6V output. Some of the useful on board interfaces include: SD/MMC card Slot, PWM Audio, 2X16LCD, SPI LEDs(8), PC Monitor VGA interface, PS2 for Keyboard, I2C EEPROM, Internal RTC with Battery Backup, ADC Pots and a lot more to explore. Its a mouthful of features at a very small price. You can find the blueboard being sold on their website. This board can be used for educational, hobbyists (like me) and Professionals Alike. The only short fall on this board is the lack of ESD protection at certain points but since we are still in Bharath we need not worry on that. Its not how professionally the board has been developed that Impressed me its the fact that this is Open Source. Hope that some time soon I would try and get one of theses boards in my yard too.

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